WATCHOUT DAB #2: Hip Hop gathering in Yogyakarta

WATCHOUT DAB #2: Hip Hop gathering in Yogyakarta including performances, grafitti and workshops sharing ideas around the themes of ATTITUDE KNOWLEDGE & MOVEMENT, tomorrow Thursday 24 March

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Grealy & Sinaga Collaboration Project

During 2013 Indonesian beat-maker, producer and rapper from Hellhouse/D.P.M.B Alex Sinaga, and Australian singer-songwriter Kate Grealy collaborated on a number of tracks.

Here is the first track from their collection 🙂

Double album launch for Serigala Malam and D.P.M.B tonight at JNM, Jogja


Local hip hop legends Serigala Malam (OFFICIAL) and D.P.M.B will launch their respective albums tonight at Jogja National Museum (JNM), Jl. Amri Yahya No. 1, Gampingan, Wirobrajan.

The event kicks of at 19:00 and entry is 20 000 Rupiah.

See you there 🙂

D.P.M.B – [RE-ATTITUDE] ALBUM RELEASE (article in Indonesian)

Graffiti artist's homage to DPMB on Jl Wijilan, Jogjgakarta

Graffiti artist’s homage to DPMB on Jl Wijilan, Jogjgakarta


Setelah sekian lama berproses, pada tanggal 6 Februari 2015 ini D.P.M.B akan merilis album perdana mereka. Album yang prakarsai oleh HELLHOUSE Records ini bertajuk RE-ATTITUDE, dengan amunisi 10 lagu bernuansa oldskool yang sangat kental. Salah satu lagu di album tersebut juga menggandeng dua pionir hip hop Indonesia untuk berkolaborasi, mereka adalah Doyz da Noyz (Black Kumuh – P Squad) dan

Ki Ageng Gantazz (G Tribe – Calludra – Jogja Hip Hop Foundation). Lagu kolaborasi ini juga menjadi Hits pamungkas di album RE-ATTITUDE, lagu tersebut berjudul EVOLUSI.

Gagasan dibalik kata RE-ATTITUDE pada album ini adalah menghadirkan kembali semangat dan attitude hip hop golden era yang semakin jarang kita temui. Lagu demi lagu pada album ini akan membawa kita flash back pada masa kejayaan hip hop dan mengobati kerinduan kita akan musik oldskool, boombap, sample based, scratch, dan rap gaya 90-an.

RE-ATTITUDE bukan hanya tentang kualitas aransemen musik dan kekuatan lirik saja, namun juga memiliki makna bahwa setiap individu memerlukan semangat baru, sikap baru, dan attitude baru untuk terus tumbuh berkembang dan bersinggungan dengan kekinian.

RE-ATTITUDE adalah “nama” yang disepakati dengan alasan, bahwa energi dan spirit hip hop akan tetap ada dan terus berevolusi tanpa meninggalkan akar dari hip hop itu sendiri. “OldSkool Always Good” adalah kalimat yang sangat pas untuk menggambarkan perjalanan lagu demi lagu pada album ini. Lewat RE-ATTITUDE inilah D.P.M.B juga memberikan hormat terbaik untuk setiap sejarah dan para pendahulu

Respect! Now it’s time to RE-ATTITUDE!

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Booking info : HELLHOUSE INDONESIA; hustlehard since 2007

+62 812 2505 2000 , +62 878 3911 1117 |

Indonesia’s Hip Hop Communities

D.P.M.B from Jogja, source supplied

Since its emergence in the South Bronx in the 1970s, hip-hop culture has spread across the world. Although hip hop culture is increasingly being commercially appropriated by the music industry, for the artists involved with Indonesia’s Hellhouse Community, the elements and origins of hip hop remain central to their passion for the art form.

The Hellhouse community of artists is one of several major hip hop communities connected to the growing hip hop scene in Indonesia. Comprised of DJs, rappers, beatmakers, breakdancers, producers and graffiti writers, Hellhouse also have a studio based in Jogja where they produce music and run events from.

Alex Sinaga, also known as beat-maker, producer and rapper from D.P.M.B, described Hellhouse as beginning simply as a group of friends “who were equally were into hip hop, which continued to grow to become a large community”. Sharing a “love particularly for old school hip hop”, which the artists often reference through their music, the community continued to grow.

In the Indonesian context however, artists also incorporate traditional music and messages into their lyrics and beats. For Alex and his friends, “it’s always been important to incorporate local culture in the music, including in beats, because it makes the work accessible and relevant to young Indonesians and also helps bring it to life”.

While the stories shared through performance reflect some of the frustrations of youth dealing with economic uncertainty, the pressures of traditional social and religious expectations, the Hellhouse community continue to challenge perceptions that hip hop is associated with thuggery, or about copying an “American culture fad”. Various community leaders from a range of social and religious backgrounds provided endorsement for the group’s activities and the recent opening of the Hellhouse store in Jalan Wijilan in the vicinity of the Kraton Palace in Jogjakarta.

The Hellhouse community exist because of their love for hip hop, and their dedication to creating positive movements through music. As Sinaga elaborated however, “Hellhouse is not here to teach about hip hop culture to other friends, but about the process of sharing the love of the art, and of learning and growing together”.

While the crew Hellhouse may have “formed naturally from a shared love of the same music”, from the outside, it appears Hellhouse has become a platform for the hop movement in Indonesia. Sinaga shrugged at this proposition however, suggesting instead that the hip hop communities of Indonesia exist as “a larger family”. The notion of Hellhouse being a “platform” is not really accurate because “basically we don’t care so much about the entity of Hellhouse per se. That is just our community. The Hellhouse crew, and the broader hip hop movement of Indonesia cares more about what we can give through hip hop and naturally, that will always bring us together”.

– Kate Grealy

Indonesia’s Hip Hop Movement

“The Hellhouse crew, and the broader hip hop movement of Indonesia cares more about what we can give through hip hop and naturally, that will always bring us together”

Creatives in Java

D.P.M.B from Jogja, source supplied D.P.M.B from Jogjakarta, Indonesia – source supplied

 Since its emergence in the South Bronx in the 1970s, Hip-hop culture has spread across the world, and the four pillars of Hip-hop outlined by Afrika Bambata in the 1970s including MC-ing, DJ-ing, breaking and graffiti writing are as central to Indonesia’s hip hop communities expressions as they are to other hip hop communities across the world.

The Hellhouse community of artists is one of the major hip hop communities of Indonesia. Comprised of DJs, rappers, beatmakers, breakdancers, and graffiti writers, Hellhouse also have a studio based in Jogja where they mentor younger Indonesians interested in the culture encouraging them to explore hip hop’s cultural forms.

While much of the global scene today to an extent reflects its origin in the hip-hop culture of young, urban, working-class African-Americans as the voice of an otherwise underrepresented group, as its popularity has grown, so has…

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Gutz Gets Out of the Flats

Great write-up about our boy Gutz new video clip by Oz Hip Hop. Released while he was “having the time of his life” over here in Indonesia collaborating and chilling with the Hellhouse Crew in Jogjakarta, the song describes some of the challenges Gutz faced as a kid growing up in the Govi flats of Australia.

Here’s the clip, the write up is below

While living it up on holidays and collaborating with some Indonesian artists, back home, Broken Tooth Entertainment’s GUTZ has just dropped the film clip for his track The Flats. With story telling of scenes from life in the flats Gutz tells a story that is too real for most, and the track takes a turn with demonstrating some of the harder lessons learnt from the younger days hanging around the traps.

“This song was the visions that stuck in my head from the time me and my family spent living in govi flats as a youngen. we had alota bad times and saw alota sad things. But we kept strong and if it weren’t for those visions I wouldn’t be the man that I am today. I wrote this for the kids still stuck in the mission keep ya head be strong no matter where you come from you can still be a Don. …GUTZ BTE …..”

You can grab the free or pay what you want download over on bandcamp here.